LD34 Results!

The results for Ludum Dare 34 are here!

My game, Robot Boxing, got the following ratings:

Coolness: 26% (#2073)

(1638 jam games / 2870 total)
Category Stars
(out of 5)
#141 Fun 3.68
#247 Humor 3.18
#284 Theme 3.93
#446 Overall 3.39
#490 Innovation 3.18
#499 Audio 3.04
#507 Mood 3.22
#533 Graphics 3.43

I took part in the jam this time instead of the compo, because I didn’t have the whole Saturday available.

My coolness is really bad compared to the last two times. I somehow got a lot of votes from my blog posts on the Ludum Dare page and then forgot to rate other games because of Christmas and stuff. Sorry about that.

But my ratings are amazing. This is my personal best until now, nice!


  • View┬áthe blog post (you can play the game there as well)
  • View the Ludum Dare page
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