Green Lightning 1.0 – Horses!

There’s a new update for my Minecraft resource pack!

Minecraft 1.6 features horses and so does my resource pack!

Horse armor has been edited as well:

Donkeys can be equipped with chests:

Here are some new blocks. On the left you can see hardened clay compared to normal clay. In the center there are some hay bales. And on the right you can compare coal blocks (left), bedrock (right) and black wool (bottom).

Cactus and cake were also changed in this version:

And last but not least, here are some new items. From left to right: name tag, lead, coal, clay, lapis lazuli, iron horse armor, gold horse armor, diamond horse armor and a saddle.


Download version 1.0 for Minecraft 1.6.1 from MediaFire.



  • added horses
  • added donkey
  • added mule
  • added horse armor
  • added horse gui
  • added hay blocks
  • added leads
  • added name tags
  • added hardened clay
  • added cake
  • added cactus
  • added coal block
  • added coal item
  • added charcoal item
  • added clay item
  • added lapis lazuli item
  • added ink sack item
  • added flint item
  • added saddle item
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