AsteroidsGDX 1.1

AsteroidsGDX is an action game where you have to maneuver your spaceship around dangerous asteroids flying through space while collecting pickups and shooting bullets to reach a new high score.


More Information

Read more about AsteroidsGDX in the post for version 1.0 here.


  • Select from three different spaceships, each one with unique handling.
  • Enjoy much better graphics.
  • Enable fullscreen mode – F11.
  • Take screenshots – F2.
  • Xbox 360 controller support on Windows and Mac (Left Stick – Rotate, A – Thrust, Right Bumper – Shoot).


Use the AsteroidsGDX tag to find the latest version.

Download AsteroidsGDX 1.1 here (requires Java 8).


spaceship-selection effects_1 effects_0

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