AsteroidsGDX 1.2

AsteroidsGDX is an action game where you have to maneuver your spaceship around dangerous asteroids flying through space while collecting pickups and shooting bullets to reach a new high score.



More Information

Read more about AsteroidsGDX in the post for version 1.0 here.


  • New user interface! The menus now look a lot better and you can navigate them with your keyboard or your game controller.
  • Better physics! They are now nearly pixel perfect.
  • No more Java 8! The jar file should require only Java 6 and you can find native bundles which contain a JRE and should not require Java at all in the download section.


  • Cross-platform jar file (requires Java 6): download
  • Windows application (zip file; no installer): download
  • Mac application (.app in zip file): download
  • Linux application (zip file; untested; you may need to chmod +x AsteroidsGDX): 32-bit, 64-bit


menu tutorial effects_1 ship-selection effects_0 game-over

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