LD29 Warmup: AsteroiDare!


I’m going to take part in Ludum Dare 29 and have created AsteroiDare as a warm up exercise.

For the game jam I’m going to use HaxeOpenFL and HaxeFlixel as programming framework, Sublime Text for coding, Gimp for graphics and Bfxr for sound effects. I also prepared a template, so I can start coding the interesting stuff quickly.

AsteroiDare is a simple Asteroids clone, which I created to get familiar with my tools. At the moment you can only fly around and shoot asteroids.

You can play AsteroiDare in your browser down below or look at the code on GitHub.


Click on the game to give it focus!

  • A or LEFT: Rotate left
  • D or RIGHT: Rotate right
  • S or DOWN: Power the engine
  • W or UP or SPACE: Shoot!

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