Green Lightning 1.2 – The Update that Changed the World!

There’s a new update for my¬†Minecraft resource pack!


Blocks! Colored glass, sandstone, bricks, nether bricks, and ice (normal and packed):




Download version 1.2 for Minecraft 1.7 from MediaFire.



  • added flowers
  • added acacia (sapling, log, leaves and planks)
  • added dark oak (sapling, log, leaves and planks)
  • added stained glass
  • added fish
  • added podzol
  • added red sand
  • added ice
  • added packed ice
  • added potions
  • added dyes
  • added bricks
  • added nether bricks
  • added cobweb
  • added ender crystal
  • added end stone
  • added end portal
  • changed moss stone
  • changed sandstone
  • changed compass
  • changed clock
  • improved horses
  • added support for MCPatcher mods again
    • custom colors (portal)
    • connected textures (glass, bookshelves, sandstone)
    • compass and clock
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